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Out of Balance

Digital Art Exhibit 

Cape Cod Art Center online show
May 2023


An artwork can be in or out of balance visually. This can apply to symmetry. Or the term can be used to imply a state of mind, objects in or out of balance (surrealism), a balancing act. This term can be interpreted in many ways.

The Weight II
Adam Strange


Life in Balance
Georgia Tielemans


Honorable Mention
My Creativity

Susan Paradise-Burke

Honorable Mention
The Oaxacon Woman

Rita Colantonio

Nothing is Real, Robert Allen

Lucy, Diane Richter

Balanced on the Mountains, Steven Klarer

Empty, Lisa Jo Rudy

Counterbalance, Ellen Jantzen

Music Makers, Caryn Koffman

Altered Reality, Maureen Ravnik

Whoaaa, Maureen Ravnik

Stepping Off the Carousel, Cheryl Bomba

Light Tunnel, Judith Guenther

Unfortunate Bicycle Trick, Nicole Mordecai

Distorted Harmony, Sangram Kachwaha

The Pain of Indecision, Rita Colantonio

Calm Marina, Chris Chen

The Catacombs, Adam Strange

Deconstructing St. Marys, Michael Jantzen

Balance, Georgia Tielemans

Buddha Mischief, Larry Brown

Stair Misstep, Nicole Mordecai

Spent Bent Beautiful, Susan Brandt Graham

Newport Lineup, Kelsey Swanson

Reflections, Katya Rosenzweig
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