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Artist Talk: “What Is it About the iPhone That Changes Image Makers’ Creative Lives?”

Day: November 5, 2021

Time: 7pm-9pm  Cost: $20

Location: Cape Cod Art Center | 3480 Route 6A, Barnstable, MA, 

Meri Walker has spent her adult life at the nexus of fine art photography, printmaking, publication and web design, photojournalism, copywriting and editing cultures. She’s had a busy life working in, teaching and mentoring learners in all these interest areas. In 2006, she relocated to southern Oregon to slow down, live closer to nature, and focus her attention on her love of photography. Three years later, she picked up her first iPhone and fell down a rabbit hole into a brand new artform that offered her picture-making and -sharing opportunities she’d never imagined possible. It’s been 12 years since she put down her big cameras and started calling herself iPhoneArtGirl. Her artist talk for the CCAC will offer traditional photographers and printmakers, graphic and multimedia artists an overview of her journey and engage the audience in a lively conversation about new horizons in 21st century creative self-expression and visual communication.  

Artist Bio: Meri Aaron Walker has been a photographer and printmaker for over 50 years. Since 2009,  she has used only her iPhones and iPads to make images that have been widely awarded and collected, including a recent purchase by Harvard Medical School for their Transformational Medicine Building. Meri has an MA from the University of Texas, Austin, where she also taught photography. She has extensive experience in photojournalism, fine art photography, printmaking and she has juried six national and international mobile photography exhibitions. Prior to becoming “iPhoneArtGirl,” Meri’s traditional photographic and alternative process prints have been widely collected for over 40 years. With extensive experience both as a classroom teacher and as an online coach and small-group instructor in her private practice, Meri is a valued mobile photography and art teacher at arts centers and colleges on the east, west and third coasts of the US.

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The Joy of iPhoneography – A One Day Workshop

Instructor: Meri Aaron Walker

Day: Saturday, November 6, 2021 Time: 9:00am – 4:30pm

Cost: Members $125 | Non-Members $150   Location: Cape Cod Art Center | 3480 Route 6A, Barnstable

*This workshop is for all levels

Description:  The serious and deliberate use of a late model iPhone or iPad for serious image capture, digital editing, digital printing, and exhibition is a rapidly developing new art movement that offers visual artists extraordinary access to their personal creativity, radically expanded vision, and endless joy.

The right apps and some new skills are needed to achieve consistent clarity and beauty from iPhone (and iPad) images, but time spent learning is fun and so worth the investment.

In this full-day workshop you will learn to use three different camera replacement apps in ways that will show you why the popularity of iPhone photography is skyrocketing. You will also learn the basics of mobile digital editing using the dynamic apps, Snapseed and View Exif.

Expect lots of hands-on practice under the trained eye of Meri Walker, a widely respected and globally awarded iPhone artist who has worked only with her mobile devices for the last 12 years, following four decades of professional photography and printmaking using traditional tools and practices.

About her own creative process, Meri says:  “Capturing, editing and sharing mobile images is a rich, highly pleasurable meaning-making process that takes time. Sometimes quite a lot of time. Other times, it’s so fast it makes me laugh out loud. But iPhone photography is not snapshot photography. My efforts bring a sense of joy and a depth of emotional and intellectual connection to my life – and to the lives of others – through images I never might have imagined were possible before I started using an iPhone to make ‘serious’ pictures.’”

* Participants will need to purchase and install the following apps onto their iPhone and/or iPad PRIOR TO ARRIVING at the workshop: Camera+2, Blackie, ProCamera, Snapseed and View Exif.


Introduction to iPhone Photography Apps with Lisa Jo Rudy 

Saturday, Nov 20  Time: 9-12  Members

$50  Non-Members $ 75

LOCATION: Cape Cod Art Center, 3480 Route 6A, PO Box 85, Barnstable, MA. 02630

Wondering why some iPhone photos look better than others? Discover easy-to-use iPhone apps that allow you to retouch portraits, remove unwanted objects, and create watercolor, pencil drawing, or oil painting effects. To participate in this workshop you’ll need to download three apps: TouchRetouch, Facetune, and iColorama, DistressedFX

Instructor Bio: Lisa Jo Rudy is a juried member of CCAC and a charter member of the National Association of Digital Artists. Her work regularly appears in nationally-advertised shows on Cape Cod and beyond.

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Instagram for Artists with Cynthia DiDonato

Date January 8, 2022  10am - 12pm
Cost $60   Location

Description:  Instagram is a fantastic application for artists of all mediums given today’s difficulty in meeting face to face to sell your art. Study the power of marketing and feedback as you begin to build your own brand in this Instagram workshop. Learn how to engage with new and old friends, connect with artists and art organizations around the globe, or just find inspiration for your next big project. In this two hour workshop you will learn: why Instagram is great for artists, understand its tools, and learn about hashtags to market your art.


Procreate Online  with Cynthia DiDonato

DATE January 22nd, 29th and Feb 5th, & 12th


DESCRIPTION: Procreate is a digital app that opens up a world of possibilities for creativity for artists and non-artists alike. You can sketch and paint on a blank canvas, or you can import photos of your artwork to plan changes before you change your artwork. Additionally, you can import photography to create new layered digital artwork. All you need is an iPad and the professional app called Procreate, available on the App Store for $9.99 This online Zoom class is for those who are new to Procreate as well as those with intermediate skills. We will start with the basics as well as provide a review for intermediate users. In subsequent classes we will dive into more intermediate skills. No previous experience with Procreate is required.