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Start a Digital Art Group

Why start a group?
Starting a community-based digital art group is a wonderful way to connect with other artists, share your work, enhance your skills, discover inspiration, and support one another in your artistic endeavors.   
Additional reasons for starting a digital art group may include, but are not limited to:


• Promoting interaction in public spaces and marketplaces

• Increasing civic participation

• Engaging youth and other specific groups within the community

• Promoting the power and preservation of a particular place  

• Broadening participation in the arts

• Assisting digital artists who wish to share their creative works with the public



The first step to creating a successful group is to find members to join 
-Connecting and collaborating with local art centers or art museums to help establish group credibility
-Utilizing social media to advertise your group
-Getting involved in already established art festivals 
-Hosting events in the community such as fundraisers
-Connecting with local libraries to host a group or advertise your group
Once your group is established, consider:  
-Posting art and group happenings on social media
-Creating a website to showcase your work, and use this as a marketing tool to continue to expand your group   
-Creating group Bylaws  
-Charging membership dues 
-Establishing a budget     
Get the word out about digital art by: 
-Holding events and inviting the community
-Seeking out other art groups
-Advertising your website and social media sites 
-Contacting other art centers and other art groups to let them know you exist
-Offering to hold an exhibit or program at other facilities
-Joining naDa as a group 
If you are interested in receiving more information
and a copy of naDA's exclusive Digital Art Group Kit 
email us at

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