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The Pix Museum and Gallery Policies: 

The Pix is a virtual Digital Art Museum and Gallery sponsored by the National Association of Digital Artists (naDA). The purpose of this space is to present curated exhibits of digital artwork. The Pix currently exhibits one gallery and one museum show at a time, managed by a curator.      


The gallery shows are online open juried exhibits and any artist can submit work by uploading their submissions online through The Pix's Smarter Entry page. Pieces are selected by the jurors. Jurors are chosen by the curator and each exhibit will have a different juror. Artists can submit up to 5 images, however, jurors will select a maximum of 2 pieces per artist to be shown in the gallery exhibit. Submission does not guarantee acceptance into the gallery. Gallery shows remain online for a minimum of one month. Paying members of naDA enjoy discounted entry fees for every gallery exhibit. Members can find a promo code on each listing. Membership status will be verified.    


The museum features the work of digital artists selected by The Pix curator. All Juried Artist members of naDA have the opportunity to sign up for a solo museum exhibit. Any artist can submit work for the Juried Artist portfolio review. Application details can be found here


First and second place images from any of the Pix’s online open juried art exhibits as well as one piece from each museum exhibit will become a permanent part of the museum collection archive. The archive is comprised of a unique collection of exemplary digital art.    


Digital Art Criteria:

What is considered Digital Art?   
The digital artist uses pixels rather than paint. Pixels can be captured from DSLs to mobile devices. The artist develops images on computers, mobile phones and tablets to express their creative vision. Many styles of editing are accessible to the artist including digital drawing, digital painting, digital collage with photographs or experimental abstract design or apps.  


What we Accept:

Digital Art is progressive- we welcome all types of digital art in our exhibits. All work submitted should be of the artist’s own creation. Digital painting, digital collage and digital photographic work can use AI images as a component, but not solely as the created work. Editing software or apps that use components which are not generated by the artist, use of components of an image that are potentially recognizable by the original artist, or any use of word generated AI must be disclosed despite ownership or copyright agreements. 

Gift Shop:

Artists selected to be in the gallery have the opportunity to sell their work in our gallery gift shop. Artists are responsible for pricing their work. Artists receive 60% of the sales commission from each sale. A link to the shop can be found here.     

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