The National Association of Digital Artists (NaDA) serves digital artists and the digital art community by promoting digital art as a valid fine art medium.

NaDA is dedicated to providing opportunities for networking, education and exhibitions through an interactive website.

NaDA serves as an umbrella organization for sharing information and educational opportunities, materials, and exhibitions.

Our goals are to promote digital art as a valid art category for national, regional and local exhibitions and competitions, to raise awareness of this unique and creative art form and to educate the public regarding the many facets of the medium.

NaDA will provide comprehensive resources regarding current and ongoing news, ideas, events and any other information about the digital art community and to promote individual digital artists.

NaDA is a 501c3 non-profit membership organization under the auspice of the Cape Cod Art Center, Barnstable, MA.

What Do You Get If You Join?

  • You may advertise your classes/workshops

  • You can register for CCAC classes/workshops at a discount

  • You can discuss issues in the Forum

  • You can list Call For Entries

  • You can post your images in the naDA Member Profiles section

  • You can post your website, thus advertising your events

  • You can review or announce Apps


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