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Calling All Digital Artists — Join us NOW


Digital Artists,

Our group is growing and expanding
 worldwide. We are happy to see that this art form is exploding in museums, galleries and by a responsive
 public. There are so many things we want to accomplish in the future to support Digital Art and we need
 your help.
We will be holding some online exhibits, invited to show in a Museum and will start a newsletter to let
you know what is happening around the world and we will offer an online competition every month with cash prizes. 


Now that we are growing, the need to charge for membership is apparent. We will hire staff to assist us to maintain the website and communicate with you.
 Help us to accomplish this by subscribing at the low rate of $10/month.

If you want to serve on a Board of Directors, let us know.

Your involvement will help us to grow, publicize and promote what you are doing!
 Thanks for coming along on this exciting journey.


Roberta Miller


Membership prices are:
$120 Individu
als yearly or $10 monthly

$200 Organizations with less than 25 Members

Groups 25-49 $250

Groups over 50 members $300


National Association of Digital Artists/Cape Cod Art Center Membership Perks:

  • Discounts on classes and workshops-recordings, zoom or in person

  • Free online competitions every month with CASH prizes

  • 10% Discount in Gift Shop (items can be shipped)

  • Monthly Newsletter or Blog

  • Opportunity to become a Juried Artist to enter member exhibits

  • Invitation to all Open Juried Exhibits

  • Availability to post your work, discussions and a list of opportunities all over the world

  • Special online Exhibits just for naDA members

  • Platform to network your art

  • Suggestions/roadmap to get a group started in your area

  • Ability to post on our Facebook page

  • Advertise your class, workshop or exhibit in your area

The National Association of Digital Artists (NaDA) serves digital artists and the digital art community by promoting digital art as a valid fine art medium.

-NaDA is dedicated to providing opportunities for networking, education and exhibitions through an interactive website.

-NaDA serves as an umbrella organization for sharing information and educational opportunities, materials, and exhibitions.

-Our goals are to promote digital art as a valid art category for national, regional and local exhibitions and competitions, to raise awareness of this unique and creative art form and to educate the public regarding the many facets of the medium.

-NaDA will provide comprehensive resources regarding current and ongoing news, ideas, events and any other information about the digital art community and to promote individual digital artists.

-NaDA is a 501c3 non-profit membership organization under the auspice of the Cape Cod Art Center, Barnstable, MA.

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