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National Association of Digital Artists Juried Artist

How do I become a Juried Artist Member at naDA?

You must be a naDA member to submit your portfolio. Sign up for membership here.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and can be submitted at anytime. 

  Candidates are to submit: 

• The Juried Digital Artist Portfolio Review application form 

• The form will ask you to upload 5 original works showing consistency of technique in digital media (JPEGS) 

• All work submitted must have been created within the last 3 years and work cannot be a copy of another artist's work and must be the artist's own composition. . 

Complete the Juried Artists Member Application here


Once we receive your email, a panel of jurors will judge the submitted work.

Notification may be at least a few weeks after the submission is received.  We will respond via email following the review with your status. 


We welcome all digital artists to apply. For reference, you can find the list of our current Juried Artists here.  

Fees for portfolio reviews:

First Attempt: $20.00

Repeat Attempts: $10.00 

*Unsuccessful candidates may reapply, it is strongly suggested that the candidate give themselves at least a full year of serious study before doing so. It is recommended that you provide the most recent portfolio review date so we may refer to our records. The judges look for consistency of quality; one or two pieces of a lesser quality can disqualify the candidate.   

No upcoming events at the moment

 Questions? Email us at 






Knowledge of media

(    ) Mastery of technique in media

(    ) Knowledge of color, value, light



(    ) Makes use of media effectively

(    ) Understands range of possibilities

(    ) Shows consistency of technique in all/most of works

(    ) Shows confident application and manipulation of media



(    ) Work expresses mood, feeling, atmosphere, temperature, weather,  time of day 

(    ) Expresses artist’s point of view



(    ) Center of interest, focal point

(    ) Movement within the work leads to focal point

(    ) Balance of color, value, light while still creating center of interest



(    ) Artist has unique point of view or particular interest

(    ) Artist is using media to communicate specific mood/feeling

(    ) Artist is pushing limits of traditional color, composition



Use a check to show evidence of criteria = 1 pt.

Use a + to show exceptional achievement = 2 pt.

Leave blank if little or no evidence = 0

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