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                                      Juror Bio - Teresa Lunt

I became a photographer with a Brownie camera, given to me by my parents when I was a small child. My parents were avid photographers and introduced me to darkroom work at an early age. As an adult I continued exploring photography, taking annual photo trips with my mother. I started altering photos with Polaroid image transfers and SX-70 emulsion manipulation. When the first desktop color inkjet printers became available, I started using photoshop to scan and alter slides and negatives. I joined an online printing group and learned how to use alternate inks and papers, and how to color calibrate. When the first consumer digital cameras came out, I got a Kodak dc4800 and set up my tabletop studio, where I created imaginary scenes using objects from the garden or kitchen, strobes for dramatic lighting and silvered wrapping paper to optically create warped and unreal scenes. I bought the first digital SLR and continued to focus on altered images. Later, with the iPad I started using a variety of apps, first altering and combining photos but later doing digital drawing and painting as well as digital collage from digitally made collage papers. To understand better how to paint digitally, I embarked on a series of traditional media drawing and painting classes, as well as classes in collage and monotype printing. Today I do more work with paints and papers than digital works, although I love all these media. My work tends to fall between the cracks of commonly understood categories, but I have found many inspirational artists from whom I have learned so much. My subject tends to be distorted portraits or figures but I also dabble in abstract and surreal images of various kinds.

To learn more about Teresa, visit her website at

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