An International Fundraising Competition
Juror: Teresa Lunt
Deadline for Entries: February 1, 2021


I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.

                                                                                                                                          Maya Angelou


The National Association of Digital Artists (naDA) is pleased to announce a special international competition for photographers and digital artists as a fundraising effort to support a vital member of our community, Meri Walker (aka the iPhoneArtGirl). Meri lost her home and all her belongings in the fire that ravaged Talent, OR on September 8, 2020 – a devastating loss. Meri needs significant support to rebuild and reestablish her life.  naDA is proud to support the efforts of her friends, family and others in the mobile art community in this endeavor. To that end, all entry fees, sales commissions and other donations or proceeds from this international online competition will be contributed to the GoFundMe campaign ( that has been set up for Meri.

Competition Categories

Artwork can be submitted in one, two or all three categories. All work must be the artist’s own.  All images used must be the artist’s own images.  No copyright-free, vintage, or stock images may be used.


Digital Photography: This category includes all photography that uses a sensor rather than film to record an image.  This includes DSLRs and mobile phone or tablet cameras.  Digital photographers use software on computers or apps on their mobile devices to create images that evoke and push the boundaries of film photography.


Digital Painting/Drawing:  This category includes all images that are painted/drawn on the screen of a device.  Digital artists use brushes in software programs and apps to draw and paint their images much like traditional artists might use oil paints or watercolor.  Artists also use a variety of digital techniques, for example: layers, blending modes, and moving or transforming shapes. 


Digital Mixed-Media*:  This category includes all work where artists combine and manipulate images.  Photographs, mark making, drawing, and text may be used.  Digital Multi-Media is a pixel-based version of collage; elements of different types are edited together to create a new image.


Artists entering work in the digital mixed-media category of any naDA competition are advised to obtain (and be prepared to present) written documentation of permission to incorporate into your artwork(s) any image(s) made by persons other than yourself prior to submitting your artwork(s). Failure to obtain this permission puts you, the artist, at risk of legal action by those whose image(s) you include in your artwork(s). Neither the National Association of Digital Artists nor the Cape Cod Art Center nor any juror working with either organization takes responsibility for your failure to secure written permission from other artists whose images you incorporate into your digital multi-media artwork(s).

Artists may submit as many entires as they like,

but no individual may be awarded more than two prizes.

$500 Best in Show
$500 Meri Walker Prize
$250 First Prize - Digital Photography
$100 Second Prize - Digital Photography
$250 First Prize - Digital Painting/Drawing
$100 Second Prize - Digital Painting/Drawing
$250 First Prize - Mixed-Media
$100 Second Prize - Mixed-Media
Juror's Statement - Teresa Lunt

I became a photographer with a Brownie camera, given to me by my parents when I was a small child. 

My parents were avid photographers and introduced me to darkroom work at an early age. As an adult I continued exploring photography, taking annual photo trips with my mother. I started altering photos with Polaroid image transfers and SX-70 emulsion manipulation. When the first desktop color inkjet printers became available, I started using photoshop to scan and alter slides and negatives. I joined an online printing group and learned how to use alternate inks and papers, and how to color calibrate. When the first consumer digital cameras came out, I got a Kodak dc4800 and set up my tabletop studio, where I created imaginary scenes using objects from the garden or kitchen, strobes for dramatic lighting and silvered wrapping paper to optically create warped and unreal scenes. I bought the first digital SLR and continued to focus on altered images. Later, with the iPad I started using a variety of apps, first altering and combining photos but later doing digital drawing and painting as well as digital collage from digitally made collage papers. To understand better how to paint digitally, I embarked on a series of traditional media drawing and painting classes, as well as classes in collage and monotype printing. Today I do more work with paints and papers than digital works, although I love all these media. My work tends to fall between the cracks of commonly understood categories, but I have found many inspirational artists from whom I have learned so much. My subject tends to be distorted portraits or figures but I also dabble in abstract and surreal images of various kinds.


Resilience is not just survival but a kind of strengthening as a result of a severe trial, like the development of a muscle through a repeated tearing down. As the theme for this show, I will be looking for images of resilience that I anticipate will resonate with life experiences of artists and viewers alike.

To learn more about Teresa, visit her website at


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