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Though I have no degree in art, I come from an artistic background. My grandmother worked in oils, watercolor, copperplate etching, and clay, earning a listing in Davenport’s; from her I learned about the importance of close observation, and of the interplay of color, line, and light. My father, a biology professor, worked in Higgins Inks, and became a sought-after wildlife illustrator who specialized in birds of prey; he taught me how to use a camera, and the rudiments of darkroom work. From him I also learned the power of timing and wit in still images. My aunt’s canvasses were landscapes, her materials plants and stone: she renovated Carl Schurz Park in Manhattan after Robert Moses’ FDR Drive project had decimated it. She taught me that art moves at its own pace and cannot be hurried, sometimes requiring great patience as well as passion. I could not have asked for a better art faculty.

I trained as a physician, and for thirty-five years in Vermont and on Cape Cod, I practiced country medicine, staffed Emergency Rooms, and served as a Regional Medical Examiner. Photography and pencil sketching were a refuge from this stressful work, a place to stretch my restless artist’s legs, and a source of a sense of accomplishment quite different from the rewards of medicine and science. Art is a compulsion; while I never stopped doing it to reward myself, the demands of a hectic medical life precluded my participating in art shows or exhibitions.

As my medical career wound down, digital imaging and the internet emerged together—a perfect storm for me. Now I work in digital images almost exclusively. I belong to the Cape Cod Art Association, the Provincetown Art Association & Museum, and the Duxbury Art Association. I have exhibited in these venues and others throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. I also belong to the Philadelphia Sketch Club, where I have also exhibited.

Bill Sargent
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