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I want my artwork to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable. I want it to shed light and call attention to beauty, coherence, and unity; and, I want it to cast doubt on falsehoods, oversimplifications, and absurdities. I’d like to be instrumental in deepening our awareness and appreciation of the fullness of life, including its complexities, ambiguities, and paradoxes. I draw and paint on an iPad with an Apple Pencil or my fingers using a variety of drawing/painting apps; although, I still work in wood and clay as well. iPads are portable and versatile, require little set up, and there’s no clean up. They’re the perfect medium for what I do. I can quickly convert ideas into illustrations, cartoons, drawings, and paintings and share them or time-lapse videos of them on social media. I also prepare the images for printing on metal, paper, and canvas surfaces in a variety of sizes.


In my youth, I plowed through what only later would be identified as dyslexia. In college, I read Don Quijote in Spanish for the first time and discovered an interest in anthropology. I went on to complete 3 graduate degrees and have studied, taught, conducted fieldwork, created art, or otherwise lived in 7 countries and 9 states since then. I was a Benedictine monk and lived in a monastery for nearly 8 years, until I met and married my wife in Washington, DC in the mid-1990s. Subsequently, we've lived in Charlottesville, VA; Athens, OH; New Orleans, LA (we're survivors of Hurricane Katrina!); Des Moines, IA; and currently Merced, CA. In 2013, while living in a downtown loft in Des Moines, Iowa, I complained to my wife, a CIO in higher education, about not having either a basement or a garage in which to make art. A few days later she gave me her old iPad with an installed drawing app (Paper 53) and said, “here’s a studio for your lap.” I take my "studio” everywhere I go nowadays. I'm an active member of the Contemporary Humanitarian Artists Association (CHAA) [] of Merced, CA, and my digital artwork was selected into the Top 100 at the Mobile Digital Arts & Creativity (mDAC) Summit in Palo Alto, CA in 2015, 2016, and 2020. Visit me at the illustroblog I've maintained since 2013 [] or @plongeaux on twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

Paul Longo
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