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I am a self-taught photographer who began taking pictures in 1974 after I moved into a house with five other guys. A few weeks later one of them invited me to get up before dawn after the first snowfall of the year and go to the fish piers in Boston to take pictures of the fishermen unloading their catch. When I came home he showed me how to develop the film and print a proof sheet in the darkroom in our basement. One of the pictures on that proof sheet still hangs in my home today. Photography has continued to be a passion. My work took me all over the world so I got the opportunity to shoot in some amazing places. Now that I am retired, I have all the time in the world. I spend much of it continuing to develop my photographic knowledge, skills, digital processing techniques, and engaging with others at three photography groups, a digital art group, and an on-line photography group.

My photography interests have meandered through 5 years of black and white only, to landscapes, to weddings, to flowers, back to landscapes, and this experience has led me to ask the question: How do I push beyond traditional photography to silently communicate my own interpretation of the scene with the viewer of the final image? The more I shoot, the more I have come to believe that this goal may be impossible to achieve just through the camera. While I embrace traditional photography techniques, there is far more to photography. The digital world opens unlimited possibilities to add my own interpretation to the image. This may result in a final image that conveys what I saw and felt at the time or it may push me to convey a completely different interpretation.

john Schiraga

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