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This featured artist, Patrice L. Bernier, was born in Nebraska in 1958. After completing a U.S. Veteran career, her father relocated the family to his home state, Connecticut. At the age of 16 years old, she also moved to Rochester, New York. Here, at Monroe Community College, she undertook studies of Design in art courses. After returning to Connecticut, further development of education included philosophy and psychology. Additional education included computer sciences, specifically: Computer Aided Drafting. Also, after purchasing a refurbished digital camera, classes were undertaken in Adult Education for Digital Photography I.

This small digital art profile encompasses some of the earliest work with fundamental design elements. As a self-taught digital artist, successive computer serendipity is accomplished by augmenting photographs or computer drafted designs with photo editing methods and techniques. This process adds colors and/or special effects. Another brief sample of this digital artist’s work is found on her facebook page at

Amaryllis Geome © 2011 Patrice L. Bernier

Bitrybunity2 © 2014 Patrice L. Bernier

Ironwork Quatrefoil Star II © 2020 Patrice L. Bernier

Art Deco Ironwork Hearts © 2021 Patrice L. Bernier

Patrice Bernier

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