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What's New in Procreate? with Barbara Braman on ZOOM!

Tues, December 15     6pm-7pm

Procreate 5 has become an even more powerful tool for creating digital collages and paintings. Let's see what is new and how to use it!

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Essentials of iPhone Photography with Barbara Braman on ZOOM

Tues, January 12    6-8PM
Learn how to use all the features of your iPhone camera.  This course is for beginners and for anyone who suspects that they might not be using their camera to it’s fullest capacity.  This hands on workshops explores the basic functions fo the camera, including portrait modes, night mode, We also cover image editing right in your Photos app

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Introduction to iColorama and Photo Editing with Joy Barry on ZOOM
Wed, January 13  9:30AM-12:30PM
In this class, participants will learn the fundamentals of the iColorama Photo Editor and Brush Painter app (“iC”) and how to enhance their photos using some of its many robust editing tools.

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Introduction to iPhone Photography APPS with Lisa Jo Rudy on ZOOM
Wed, Jan 20   3-5PM

Wondering why some iPhone photos look better than others? Discover easy-to-use iPhone apps that allow you to retouch portraits, remove unwanted objects, and create watercolor, pencil drawing, or oil painting effects. To participate in this workshop you’ll need to download three apps: Touch Retouch, Facetune (the free version), and BeCasso.

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Making Collage Images on your iPad with Barbara Braman on ZOOM
Sat and Sun Jan 23 & 24   11:30-1:30PM

We will learn the techniques necessary to make collage type images on your ipad, using the app Procreate as a jumping off place.  We cover layers and how they interact with each other, all types of masking, how to import and alter photos, the color palette, and brushes.  It is a complete introduction to using Procreate and combining different images.
Learn more and sign up here.

Drawing on your iPad with Barbara Braman on ZOOM
Saturdays Feb 6 and 13   9:30-11:30AM

This workshop is for any artist that uses traditional media, and would like to learn how to draw on the iPad, just as you might in a sketchbook.  The workshop covers how to get started using Procreate, color palettes, and how to choose and use brushes.  We would be missing the magic of digital drawing if we did not also explore some digital art techniques useful to painters, such as layers, blending modes, and masking.

Learn more and sign up here.

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